We believe that survivors of sexual abuse
& assault have the right to speak out.

Right to Speak Out is a fundraising initiative with the mission to provide for the expenses of survivors and their advocates facing civil or criminal charges as a result of exercising their constitutional rights to process their experiences with loved ones and members of their communities & their right to self-defense.

A critical aspect of undermining inter-personal violence is breaking the silence around these experiences. Domestic violence is known as a silent epidemic, in part because often coercion is used to keep it hidden. This creates a catch 22; since a minority of cases are reported and addressed openly, our collective ability to recognize or appropriately respond is stifled. By breaking the silence not only may resolution proceed, but ideally future instances may be avoided.

Utilizing community accountability models that provide services and support for both survivors and abusers, may be more likely to halt the perpetuation of the cycle of violence. Ironically, when one chooses to pursue these models over criminal punishment, they are more at risk of being sued for civil damages. In fact, as a chilling and silencing tactic, civil suits have been filed against survivors and survivor advocates.